J Foley

J Foley is Justin Foley, who is 1/2 of the Austerity Program (and was 1/2 of Polonium).

In 2014, I started making loops of really, really loud guitar drones.  It seemed like an interesting challenge to try and create music out of some very specific limitations - 8 tracks, all constructed from acoustic recordings, loops of various length and no processing beyond some EQ tweaks.  After a few songs I realized I liked the results.

The J Foley stuff (it didn't seem worthwhile to come up with some abstract name) comes from a different place than the Austerity Program.  Some days I listened to the long drones and wondered if I should just keep them with no modulation or different sounds.  But I think the songs are compelling - I listen to them frequently. 

I've made about 20 of these songs. EP 01 has four of them.