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We are an artist-run label formed in 2013.  All the work, good or bad, is done by the people in the bands.

This time we mean it...

As it turns out, starting a label is harder than we gave it credit for. Paperwork. Bank accounts. Websites. Figuring out where to get those gold records pressed.... The to-do list still isn't completely done, but it's close enough. Let's call this thing "official," shall we?

Controlled Burn is Live.

Okay, we lied.  Or Robert did.  Let's just say that Robert lied and be done with it.  Because we didn't really launch the label until today.  (If by launching the label you mean telling everyone about a website, because that's what we are doing and that's what we mean by that.)

While we've been pulling together this whole label adventure together, we've each been doing work on our next release.  

Controlled Burn Records

Welcome to the new Controlled Burn Records Web site. We have officially launched as a label today with the release of Nonagon's single, Apologies to Polly Jean.