Controlled Burn Records

We are an artist-run record label that formed in 2013.  

The bands involved participate in all aspects of running the label, from mapping out a schedule for releases to taping up the boxes that get shipped out to people who buy stuff.  By doing all of the stuff required to get music out to people, we can make our own decisions about what is and isn't important. 

If there's a downside to this, it's that we're struggling with problems that others have already solved and spending a lot of time an energy doing things other than writing songs, practicing and playing shows.  It also means that our audience will remain small as we'll have limited ability to broadcast what we're doing.  Still, we figure it's worth it if it means that we can create a label that lets us be the bands that we want to be and own our successes (and failures) fully.

We'll share what we learn if it makes sense.  As we said in our agreement we made to one another when we went in on this thing: The goal is to be small and successful.  Successful means working efficiently, creating recordings that have lasting value and being a proud part of the musical community.

Visit our Press Materials page to download high-resolution images and more.