Nonagon - They Birds


Nonagon's first full-length LP, They Birds, released on March 3rd, 2021!

  • Featuring eleven songs!
  • 12" vinyl record is pressed on ultra-high quality 180g vinyl!
  • Purchase includes FREE digital versions of all the tracks on the record (Bandcamp download card included)
  • Additionally, orders from our Web store will include the option to immediately download the MP3s upon checkout
  • Vinyl LP also includes a twelve-page booklet entitled They Birds: A Comprehensive Field Guide to the Magestic Creatures of the Sky

Track Listing

Side 1 Side 2
  1. Tuck the Long Tail Under
  2. Slow Boil
  3. The Family Meal
  4. Hack
  5. Salt
  1. June of ’14
  2. Jeff(s)
  3. Boxes
  4. Swing Goat
  5. The Holdouts
  6. Bells

If you live in EUROPE and would like to order They Birds without the worry of overseas shipping, Throatruiner in France has copies.

This release is available in multiple formats. Please choose one.