Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation


Beyond Calculation - is an eight song LP (2014) from the Austerity Program.  

Their latest and favorite.  Guitar, bass, vocals and drum machine all cranked through 3500 watts of power and lots of speakers.  Songs about a despised albino, vengeful minor-deities and self-immolation.  You would think we each grew up Catholic.

Full analog recording and fingernail-pulling attention to detail. Like always. 

Album stream at the bottom.



Available in the following formats:

  • 12" Vinyl (w/cd and download instructions)
  • CD
  • Free download (via Bandcamp
  • 1/4" analog tape available in four speeds: 3.75, 7.5, 15 or 30 ips.
This release is available in multiple formats. Please choose one.