We are an artist-run label formed in 2013.  All the work, good or bad, is done by the people in the bands.

Nonagon - They Birds

Nonagon's first full-length LP, They Birds, released on March 3rd, 2021!

This release is available in multiple formats. Please choose one.

AP Standard (Thai) T-Shirt

Printed on Next Level 100% cotton (Style 3600 Men's, 3900 Women's).  

Women's Large pictured. (Model is 5' 6")

Thai - Deep Gold on Maroon.

The text is an accurate Thai translation of the band name. Seriously.


The Austerity Program - Bible Songs 1

Bible Songs 1 - is an six song record (2019) by the Austerity Program.  

They've been together over two decades and this is more panic-inducing than anything they've done yet.  Yes, the songs are based on Bible verses, so feel free to play it at your scripture reading circle and write to us about how that turns out.

All of the wrath of god and none of the salvation.

Recorded nearly live at Kerguelen in Astoria, NYC.  Full frequency analog recording for those who like their pit-scraping noise rock to sound pristine. 

In Europe? Save money and [ order from Throatruiner ].


Next Austerity Program LP is Recorded


The Austerity Program finished recording their next record back in December.  Here's the master tapes, ready to go to Ventura, CA.

Six songs long, clocks in at about 25 minutes. I know that's not very long for a band that hasn't put a record out in five years but it's pretty intense so you'll get your fill.  

Currently working on pressing details, cover art, setting up shows. Expect this thing to come out in June.

Austerity Program - Standard Black Zip Up Hoodie

Standard black zip-up hoodie that sends your message loud and clear. Whatever message you're into, I guess. 

White discharge printed onto black fabric.  Hoodie is Hanes Black Zip Up - 100% Cotton.  Very comfy and medium weight. 5'9" model wearing size Large and plays bass in the band.

Inferno Printing did these for us and the cross-zipper print is tight.


Nonagon / Knife the Symphony Split 7"

Controlled Burn Records (Chicago, IL) and Phratry Records (Cincinnati, OH) team up for a Nonagon / Knife The Symphony split single. Limited to 300 copies. This record will never be re-pressed. When they're gone, they're gone!

The 7” comes with a download card that includes a bonus track from each band. Digital version available with physical copy only.


Learning Things.

Our first post included the vague idea that we'd post about stuff as we learned it - as far as running a record label goes.  

We've been bad about keeping that promise but there's something that we did learn; it contains something like advice for someone thinking about starting a record label.

If you set up an actual company to do the label's business then you're going to have to pay taxes on the label's income, as well as sales tax for sales in the state you're based.  

AP Standard (Japanese) T-Shirt

Printed on American Apparel Standard.  Women's Medium pictured.

Japanese - Dark Gray on Asphalt.

We have checked with a few folks - it really does say "The Austerity Program" and not "I Am a Child Molester".


Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation

Beyond Calculation - is an eight song LP (2014) from the Austerity Program.  

Their latest and favorite.  Guitar, bass, vocals and drum machine all cranked through 3500 watts of power and lots of speakers.  Songs about a despised albino, vengeful minor-deities and self-immolation.  You would think we each grew up Catholic.

Full analog recording and fingernail-pulling attention to detail. Like always. 

This release is available in multiple formats. Please choose one.

Controlled Burn Records Logo T-Shirt

Festoon your torso with the recently-extinct! 

Our thylacine (aka "Tasmanian Tiger") logo -designed by the amazing Diana Sudyka- is now available in textile form. Available in 2 colors and 6 sizes.

On American Apparel stock
"Responsibly Manufactured, Marketed by Assholes"